Yellow Bridge Child Care Collective at Kinks Locks and Twists!

We are grateful and excited to have the Yellow Bridge Child Care Collective joining us at this year’s conference. Please indicate that you will childcare on your registration form.

The Yellow Bridge Child Care Collective are a network of volunteers who provide childcare at community events in Pittsburgh. By providing free childcare for meetings, conferences and events, we hope to increase accessibility for families within movements for justice.

Visit the website to learn more!


Kinks, Locks & Twists™ 2014 | March 6-9 | CMU

Health. Beauty. Environment.

New Voices Pittsburgh is excited to present the 6th Annual Kinks, Locks & Twists: Environmental and Reproductive Justice Conference™.

We will bring local, regional and national leaders together to discuss pertinent issues facing communities of color that impact the health and wellness of our bodies, minds and our collective body as communities.

The conference offers participants an opportunity to explore connections between beauty, culture, policy, media and the economy and personal environment, behavior change and community organizing

The KLT Conference™ is fertile ground for transformative information exchange, movement-building, policy, leadership development and daily practice in the lives of women of color, our families and our communities.

We look forward to seeing you there!