Asase Ye Duru Family Festival

Let’s celebrate Earth Day, the return of sunshine and Spring by coming together for a fun, family friendly day to learn how we can be healthy, care for our community and honor Mother Earth’s wisdom. Asase Ye Duru is an Akan symbol, from Ghana that means the earth has weight or we honor the importance of the Earth in our lives and in giving us life.

Join us at  the 2030 Centre Ave lot  on Sunday, April 26 from 11A-6P, as New Voices Pittsburgh closes its 7th Annual Kinks, Locks & Twists: Environmental and Reproductive Justice  Conference™ and hosts its first family celebration with the Ujamaa Collective. The Asase Ye Duru Festival will feature a day of activities, cultural performances, dancing, and of course, food!

For more information, please contact or call 412.363.4500. We would love for you to celebrate with us, please check back for regular updates on performers, participants, and final schedule of the day’s activities. This event is FREE!


Tell your friends and family about the Asase Ye Duru Family Festival!  #AsaseYeDuruFamilyFest #KLTConference

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