Thank you to 2014 KLT™ Supporters

We are so grateful all to all of you for making KLT™ a success!

Love shout outs to our supporters!


Alecia Young

Allyce Pinchback

Amanda Johnson

Amanda Santmyer

Andi Pilecki

Bekezela Mguni

Bridget Barrett

Cathy Raphael

Celeste Scott

Charlotte Stroud

Chrystal Alexander

Deshaun Sewell

Dr. Uraina N. Pack

Erika Johnson

Heidi Williamson

Holly Young

Jane Kaminski

Jess Rice


Joy Sabl

Judy Albert

Julia Och

Kay Johnson

Kyersten Johnson

LaKeisha Wolf

La’Tasha D. Mayes

Laura Jimenez

Lindsey Cashman

Lois Toni McClendon

Maria Miranda

Melanie R. Brown

Michael Graham

Randy Francisco

Rayden Sorock

Rebecca Susman

Rye Young

Sarada Tangirala

Stephanie Corey

Terri Baltimore

Wrenna L. Watson


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